“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

Signs are usually the first thing that a prospective client sees upon visiting your business. It's important to convey the right message right away.

Signs influence their environment. People have to look at them whether they choose to or not. Our signs are designed with that in mind as we walk the fine line between art and impact.

Michael's Ink combines clarity & beauty with that unique "one of a kind" look that is sure to get you noticed.
CASE STUDY: Simple Pet Solutions Putting All the Pieces Together

One of the most cost effective ways of presenting yourself at a fair, trade show, or farmers market is with a self standing portable banner. Designed to visible from far away, yet easily read from very close, these banners can contain crucial selling point information.

Let's say you're speaking with a client when a second (3rd and 4th) client walks up. In addition to hearing the points you are making with the first client, they are able to answer many of their own questions by simply reading the banner.

A variety of stands are available, accomodating various sizes and uses.